Two Weeks Off Insta!!!


Me hanging with my new baby plants (potatoes, parsley, tomatoes and wild flowers.. for now)

Being off Instagram for two weeks has made time feel different. Somehow it feels longer, I’ve not forgotten about the wonderful people I used to see on there, but rather I find myself remincising about them in a more direct way. I am reaching out personally to many more people. And when meeting new people, I have a more intentional approach to keeping in contact.

Short answer is…. I’m fucking happy y’all!

I see myself checking back into IG (on Sir Kn8’s Phone) to post about this newsletter, but nothing more. I love the way committing to a newsletter has brought more intentionality to my pictures and ideas. I can consolidate my experiences and share what is really important instead of random passing moments and calls for attention.

I miss the community though, and hope that I can build conversation through this platform. I hope to publish other people’s comments on my blog entries and emails.

Thank you all for reading and following my journey. Looking forward to sharing more as I go on


IG free Hila :)