Why I Quit Instagram and Future Visions

[Me enjoying an Instagram free afternoon with my NB preparing the newsletter]

I deleted and re-installed the app to my phone 4-5 times today. Had to tie up loose ends, answer messages, make sure people saw my post, my post about leaving. After this first day I realize that it will be hard to completely disengage.

It is my goal though. 

Instagram and FB have become scape goats in my creative process. I blame the platform for censoring my image, for placing expensive ads above me when I did work to reach my followers and gain a presence. But really, I have a choice. And if I had been more strategic from the beginning, I wouldn’t let the platform dictate my readership, which is what I have done.

By giving FB & IG ownership of my images on their platform, and without pay, I am really devaluing what I have to give to the digital world. I fear of course that if I don’t play ball no one will see my work. It is a fear, but I will work through it. 

More busking, more live performances, more being out in the world, more intentional interaction with other people, grass roots, being in physical space, a modest e-mail list. 

I quit IG today because I want to wake up and just breath in the morning, I don’t want to spend the day thinking about what I should post. Checking constantly for likes and comments. Leaving the real world behind. It is not such an addiction for everyone, but for me I saw the signs. 

Maybe I’ll return… but until then, I’m going to soak up the sun, write badass newsletters, and make amazing stuff for the world. 

Hila the Killa