Values Dissect with Hila the Killa, Performer and Zero Waste Rockstar - Interview with Tiffany Lin

JUNE 6, 2017

My first sighting of Hila the Killa was on a subway platform two months ago. She was freestyle rapping with her partner Sir Kn8 about what they were witnessing on the spot. I was enjoying every single second, getting into the groove and feeling the collective energy of “just another average New York moment.”

Suddenly Hila, out of nowhere, with ease gets into a forearm headstand position and starts rapping upside down, with the mic held close to the floor. 

Photo by Sasha B. Photo

Photo by Sasha B. Photo

Hila The Killa Drops Killer Debut Album "Ribaldry & Soul Wisdom" by Pop Dust

New York City rapper and performance artist Hila The Killa just dropped her game-changing debut album Ribaldry & Soul Wisdom.

Hila, who calls herself "a soldier in the army of Love," isn't bustin' any shots or blowin' any stacks like a traditional rapper. Instead, she's spreading messages of self-love, body positivity, and safe sex (all things we desperately need)!



American rapper-producer duo Hila the Killa and Sir KN8 come to Jigga Juice for a one hour special! The duo talk about their unique subject matter, their influences and their current tour, also performing a couple of songs and kicking a freestyle in the process!.