"Made to Penetrate" is the term used to describe a form of
rape when a man is forced to have sex with another person. 

My Inspiration

A few months back I saw a local Florida news story about a 13 year old boy who was stripped down on a lawn by two 14 year old girls, while a third girl filmed it on her iPhone. The video shows the girls were laughing hysterically, giggling and having fun while the boy begs them to stop. The boy was caught between the two girls and having his clothes removed, he was crying. 

I remember watching this and feeling slightly disturbed because it was clear that the boy was in distress. When I switched the genders in my mind (something I habitually do) and replayed the scenario, I was suddenly much more appalled by the whole situation. The moment I imagined a 13 year old girl being stripped down by two 14 year old boys I felt a knot in my stomach that wasn't there for the real boy in the video.

That was not okay.

What was stopping me from empathizing fully with this boy? What was stopping me from scolding these girls? Through rigorous research and exploration I set out to uncover the underlying preconceptions that were clouding my judgement. Of course, growing up female is part of it -- but I know men that feel the same as I do. 

Made to Penetrate is a legal term used to describe a scenario when a man is forced to have sex with another person (male or female). A situation I never really thought about. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized it's deeper implications. 

I sought to make a film that generates a thought process similar to my initial discovery and all the questions that arose from it. "Made To Penetrate" is the product of that exploration.